Your Diamond Girls: Natalie and Lisa


The Diamond Girl Difference

Natalie and Lisa are terrible sales people, and proud of it! They do not sell or apply high pressure techniques. The goal is to help you find the perfect piece within your budget without sacrifice quality or excellent service.

Industry Experts

With a combined 44 years experience in the jewelry business, The Diamond Girls have all your jewelry needs covered. They have worked in every facet of the industry including Wholesale, Retail, Appraising, Goldsmithing and Expert Witnessing. They have even visited the African Diamond Mines. They use this experience to get you the best prices on the best quality pieces.  Natalie and Lisa are both educated through The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and continue their education through advanced courses. 


The Diamond Girls might be the most transparent jeweler in the world. They will show you their actual cost of all goods they order for you. Along with only working with ethical sources, they also hand select diamonds at the best prices from those sources. They invite you to sit with them while they scour the global jewelry supply chain for the perfect piece.  

Diamond School

Natalie and Lisa's specialty is educating their customers in a way that is easy to understand. The Four C's can be difficult to grasp and even more difficult to visualize without having an expert lay it out for you with live examples. In addition, they go beyond the Four C's and teach the often undisclosed facets of the diamond industry. There are many more characteristics of diamonds that can greatly affect the beauty and value. By the time customers are done with diamond school they know more than many jewelry industry professionals.